Increased risk of unwanted side effects and adverse drug interactions

Could create the need for even more medications, since often times new meds are prescribed to address side effects of another med

The more complicated the cocktail, the more difficult it is for the patient to comply

There is a higher chance that the medications will confound the effect of others

The more medications, the more the patient has to pay for all of them



One Response to “Consequences”

  1. jen07aggies Says:

    the consequences of polypharmacy def. are real, dangerous and they DO happen all the time. i am actually dealing with this is real life. my aunt is at medical plaza right now because she is in “detox” as you would call it because she was on way too many medications from way too many doctors that didn’t know what the others were prescribing or what other specialists she was going to. she is not close to my family and hasn’t been in our life until lately bc she didn’t have anyone else to turn to. she is what you would call a “drug seeker” and she knew what to say to each doctor to get them to prescribe whatever medicine she “thought” she was needing at the time….she has medicine to wake up, medicine to go to sleep, medicine to help her have a bm, medicine to keep her from having a bm, etc. etc. so this week, they are slowly taking away every medicine that is not what they call “vital to life” and trying to cut down on the amount of meds she takes.

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