Are you at risk?

Are you at risk for polypharmacy, the unwanted duplication of drugs? Take this quick test to find out.

1.   Take five or more prescribed medications?

2.   Take dietary supplements, vitamins or over-the-counter drugs?

3.  Take homeopathic remedies or herbal medicines?

4.  Use different pharmacies to fill your prescriptions?

5.  Have more than one doctor giving you prescriptions?

6.  Take medicine more than once a day?

7.  Have trouble opening medicine bottles?

8.  Have poor eyesight or hearing?


9.  Live alone?

10.  Sometimes forget to take your medications?


If you answered yes to any of these, you may be at risk for polypharmacy.

See your physician or pharmacist and request a complete medication review.



4 Responses to “Are you at risk?”

  1. naturemom Says:

    Can you be at risk if you don’t take prescription medication or only one or two? I try to avoid medications and use homeopathic methods or over the counter drugs as often as possible. I rely on herbal remedies first, then over the counter medications, and then I see a doctor for a prescription if nothing else worked. I usually end up trying multiple things before I resort to the doctor.

  2. Tiffany Bruton Says:

    You are at risk even with as little as one or two prescription medications depending on what they are, and what herbal medications you are taking with them. If you look at the comments section of our blog under the category “What is Polypharmacy” there is an excellent post regarding what herbal medications and prescription medications cause signigicant risks. Also, your doctor or pharmacist is an excellent resource for information regarding herbal/prescription side effects and you should use them as a first resort. If you don’t want to go into the pysicians office or pharmacy, you may be able to call and speak with a nurse, or pharmacist and tell them what prescriptions you are taking so they can suggest a safe option instead of you “trying multiple things”. I hope this helps!

  3. Jesus is the Great Physician…..Trust in Him….By His stripes we are healed…..If there were a pill to heal you God would have only needed one….God gave the one….His name is “Jesus Christ “the Son of God….We take one pill, two pills, then three pills….The side effects are our bodies rejecting the drug because we are defling God’s Holy temple. The Spirit of God dwells in a Believer in Jesus. Repent, and believeth in Jesus’ name to be saved and spared out of God’s wrath! Does Jesus need a pill?
    In Jesus’ Sweet love, Sister Barbara

  4. Many are dying prematurely from prescription medicines….Educate yourself….

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